Location, location, location – is the key driving factor of Real Estate. Sadly, if you are not in a good location, you cannot just pick up your house and move it to a better one. 

Therefore, the only two factors that you can control are:
1) Condition
2) Price

Condition of the Property
Staging, needed repairs, general maintenance, pre-inspections, touch ups, etc… all these items add up to potential extra cash in your pocket at the end of the day. 
Your wallet cannot afford the luxury of listing too early when your house is not “preview ready”. First impressions in our business count for top dollar. So what impression is your property saying about you?
Remember, a buyer can shop your neighborhood’s Outlet Mall home or Sak’s 5th Ave home, two entirely different experiences in the same neighborhood. Which one are you giving to your potential buyer?

Pricing it Right
I understand you need the most dollars in your wallet and as your Financial Consultant of Real Estate. I can make sure that happens for what the market is willing to give.
The biggest factor in price though is the bank, what will the bank allow someone to pay for your house. Ultimately, your property is collateral for a loan that you take out, correct? You don’t pay the monthly payments, goodbye house.
Very rarely do we get cash buyers, so are you trying to sell to the 96% of pre-approved buyers by the bank or the 4% cash buyer who typically wants a deal or an investment property (since they are paying cash).

Understanding the Market
This is where my job truly comes in on educating you for your best decision given the market’s cyclical cycles. 

Sellers for Pitt County need to truly see this data. The market is slowing down on price because the buyers are not buying at the price seller’s are asking nowadays. Price Reductions and Days on Market are thus increasing…

Overall that tells us that we may be heading back downwards towards a Buyer’s Market. However, what does that mean for you? 

Are you a buyer? 

Are you a seller?

Contact me today with your 3-6 month plan and I’ll give you the best course of action to be taking over the next few weeks. Let’s get started today before you lose out tomorrow.